Strategos Elegance is the latest addition to our line of products. Read more about it HERE!

Strategos Elegance

Strategos Superior

Nationwide and leading lift company

MPR LIFTS is the leading lift company in Sweden and it has nationwide coverage. Our mission is to adjust the Swedish society for disabled, both in private and public surroundings, for the better. MPR LIFTS has a complete range of lifts that fit in all environments, indoors as well as outdoors, vertical lifts as well as stair lifts.The right to a comfortable and pleasant life for all disabled is self-evident. With more than 45 years of experience and knowledge of lifts, we can offer a complete range of lifts of highest quality and with the best functions.


Housing adaptation

MPR LIFTS is also a retailer for a large selection of lifts and works with housing adaptation locally in Sweden. We have a complete range of stair lifts that fit in all environments, indoors as well as outdoors, as well as vertical stair lifts and chair lifts. Read more about it here.

Internationally recognized products

MPR LIFTS has an extensive export to about 50 countries where we daily move our lifts in private and public environments with our lifts. Our products have also won international awards for design and function. MPR LIFTS is also a member of the international lift association EPSA.

We manufacture our vertical platform lifts here in Arlöv. Read more about it here.