Strategos Elegance (Strategos Superior II) is the latest addition to the collections. A new improved version of Strategos with a new superior design.

The lift is hot-dip galvanized as standard (can also be powder coated in any RAL color). Stainless steel version is available as an option. It is reliable, easy to maneuver and reliable. Made for outdoor as well as indoor use. Shaft pit is not needed. CE certified. Type certified by Inspecta. Easy attachment to the wall and the stand placed on a solid and non-frost-shooting surface. Mounting on freestanding stand as an alternative (lifting height between 500-3000mm). Safety plate under the elevator car provides great reliability and prevents accidents. Hand crank at ev. power outages, alt. UPS. Sides and doors are made of impact-resistant safety glass. Standard design on the floor aluminum floorboard but can be used with other substrates (carpet) according to specifications.

• Powder coating
• Different floor coverings
• Side-hung door
• Door automation
• Various alternative actuators
• Different structures and colors of the polycarbonate
• Glass panes instead of polycarbonate
• Special adjustments as needed
• Mounting stand
• And more.

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Strategos Elegance, automatic door
Strategos Superior II, lifting height 3000 mm, automatic door.


Strategos Superior II Side Access