Housing adaptation with stair lifts

NOTE! We only work with housing adaptation nationally in Sweden.

MPR Lifts AB has many years of experience in housing adaptation and we put you in the forefront. Of course, there are rules and regulations to follow and our consultants will help you all the way from the first contact until you are in your lift.

If you find it difficult to get around your home or have a disability. You can get help from your municipality, by applying for grants to adapt the home. The grant you can get is aimed at adapting your home so that you can stay there and make your everyday life easier. You should contact the municipality or visit the municipality's website for "Housing Adaptation", to see what rules and regulations exist in your municipality.

Advice and Quotation

We give you a price and quote in connection with a free consultation to find a suitable solution for your home. All we need to know is what type of stairs you have, to make an assessment easier. We help you make the world available, so do not hesitate to contact us!

Feel free to take a look at our selection of stair lifts here.


We who help you with housing adaptation are:

Ola Pettersson (Western Sweden)

           0708-42 34 03

           [email protected]

Torbjörn Värn (Eastern Sweden)

           0709-42 00 34

           [email protected]